09:30Opening Session by Vasco Vasconcelos (Director LASIGE)
09:45Talk 1: How to live together with rejection? by Andreia Santos
(Gabinete de Apoio Psicopedagógico – GAPSI, FCUL)
11:00Coffee Break
11:30Talk 2: How I met your science: Good practices in science
communication by Marta Daniela Santos (cE3c – Centre for
Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes, FCUL)
and Sílvio Mendes (FCUL)
14:00Talk 3: An introduction to Quantum Computing by Yasser Omar
(Instituto de Telecomunicações – IT, IST/UL)
15:00Talk 4: Path to creating a cybersecurity company by Nuno
Loureiro (Probely’s CEO/Co-Founder)
16:00Poster Session* and Coffee Break
17:00Best Poster Presentations and LASIGE Awards
18:00Closing session
18:15Team Building Event by Alcides Fonseca (C8.2.30)
20:00Final Closing (Dinner)

*Poster Session:

Accessibility and Ageing

  • AccessBot – Assisted Validation of Web Accessibility. Tânia Frazão, Carlos Duarte
  • Carrier-Pigeon Robot: Promoting Interactions Among Older Adults in a Care Home. Hugo Simão, Ana Pires, David Gonçalves, Tiago Guerreiro
  • Designing to Change Children’s Eating Habits: Understanding Family Profiles, Attitudes and Beliefs. Ana C Pires, Hugo Simão, Diogo Branco, Tiago Guerreiro, Joana Sousa, Ana Gomes, Ana Pereira, Luísa Barros
  • Playing With Others: Depicting Multiplayer Gaming Experiences Of People With Visual Impairments. David Gonçalves, André Rodrigues, Tiago Guerreiro
  • QualWeb: Web Accessibility Evaluator Tool. João Vicente, António Estriga, Bruno Andrade, André Santos, Luís Carriço, Carlos Duarte
  • Reminiscence Therapy at Home: a Cross-sectional Survey with Informal Caregivers. Soraia M. Alarcão, Carolina Maruta, Manuel J. Fonseca

Cyber-Physical System

  • A distributed system for data stream management in IoT. José Soares, José Cecílio
  • Data Gathering Application for Ecological Mapping of Green Spaces. Vicky Rajani, Pedro Ferreira, Ana Paula Afonso, Pedro Pinho
  • Lightweight Consistency for Fog Applications. Diogo Lima, Hugo Miranda
  • VisuaLeague III Visual Analytics of Multiple Games. Rafael Afonso, Ana Paulo Afonso, Maria Beatriz Carmo

Data and Systems Intelligence

  • Ensemble Genetic Programming. Nuno Rodrigues, João Batista, Sara Silva
  • Improving the Detection of Burnt Areas in Remote Sensing using Hyper-features Evolved by M3GP. João E. Batista, Sara Silva
  • Matching Biomedical Knowledge Graphs with Neural Embeddings. Rodrigo Neves, Catia Pesquita
  • XrayAME – Combining Knowledge to Improve Classification of Tuberculosis in Chest X-Rays. Fábio Neves, Mathys Potgieter, Anet Potgieter, Vincent Meurrens, Sara Silva

Health and Biomedical Informatics

  • A Collection of Benchmark data sets for Knowledge Graph-based Similarity in the Biomedical Domain. Carlota Cardoso, Rita T. Sousa, Sebastian Köhler, Catia Pesquita
  • A Silver Standard Corpus of Human Phenotype-Gene Relations. Diana Sousa, Andre Lamurias and Francisco M. Couto
  • Building a Portal for Scientific Collections at the University of Lisbon. Pedro Ladino, Cátia Pesquita, Maria Cristina Duarte
  • Collecting and Reliving Happy and Memorable Media Moments with EmoJar. Pedro Carvalho, Teresa Chambel
  • evoKGsim Evolving Semantic Representations for Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction. Rita T. Sousa, Sara Silva, Catia Pesquita
  • Hybrid Semantic Recommender System for Chemical Compounds. Márcia Barros, André Moitinho, Francisco M. Couto
  • Multilingual Extreme Multi-Label Classification based on Deep Learning and Semantic Similarity. André Neves, André Lamúrias, Francisco M. Couto

Resilient Distributed and Networked Systems

  • Can we detect web attacks without inspecting packet payload? P. Gaspar, I. Medeiros
  • Can we find SQLi Vulnerabilities with Deep Learning Models? A first step and some results. A. Fidalgo, P. Antunes, I. Medeiros, N. Neves
  • Code Merging for Programmable Data Plane Virtualization. Duarte Sequeira, Salvatore Signorello, Fernando M. V. Ramos
  • Follow the blue bird: A study on threat data published on Twitter. Fernando Alves, Pedro M. Ferreira, Ilir Gashi, Ambrose Andongabo, Alysson Bessani
  • Serverless SIEM in the Cloud. Adriano Serckumecka, Ibéria Medeiros, Alysson Bessani
  • SPID: Speeding Up Network Intrusion Detection with Programmable Switches. João Romeiras Amado, Salvatore Signorello, Miguel Pupo Correia, Fernando Ramos

Reliable Software Systems

  • Automatic conversion of Ada source code to Scala. Guilherme Espada, Alcides Fonseca
  • Deciding the bisimilarity of context-free session types. Bernardo Almeida, Andreia Mordido, Vasco T. Vasconcelos
  • Evolutionary Program Synthesis from Refined and Dependent types.  Paulo Santos, Andreia Mordido, Vasco Vasconcelos, Sara Silva, Alcides Fonseca